Jackie is a long-time movie buff that prizes good storytelling over all else. She’s well versed in most genres, including Bollywood.
Join her and a different guest each week as they discuss the narratives of movies and television series. We offer interesting perspectives on what makes a movie or series enjoyable.

About the Hosts

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Casually Speaking is a podcast where Sean speaks about a specific topic each podcast, Jiu Jitsu, media, interviews, and much more.

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From Kpop Stans as the digital activists we never knew we needed, to Claudia Conway trolling her parents, tune in weekly and listen to ridiculosity with Doug and Rob as we celebrate the absurd signs that the end is already here. As listeners, we accept you into our flock — The Fellowship of The Sacred Mushroom Cloud, a denomination that not only accepts the end is already here, but greets the signs in jubilation!

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Jackie started as a guest on Aussie Nerd and was asked by Daniel to join. Together they created Cinematic Adventures. After Daniel's departure Jackie continued the show with three monthly co-hosts and a guest co-host each week. She loves movies from any genre and from around the world. She likes to pick apart plots and structures sticking primarily to the story telling aspect of films.

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Vincent from Nerd One Podcast
News and breakdowns for all the nerd topics; movies, TV shows, comics, and books.