Black On Black Episodes

March 1, 2021

Just Wright

Ashley Stevens @The_Acumen  stops by to talk about one of her favorite movies to end Black History Month. We discuss the movie an…

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Feb. 16, 2021

Coming to America and Bridgerton with Nick Lyles

The so-called comedian Nick Lyles talks pulling out, consent, and tries to convince Jackie she wants to bathe with 3 men, while d…

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Feb. 13, 2021

Blade with Jimmy Krumbz

Listen for the best one-liners from the actual first Black superhero movie with Podbean's favorite Jimmy Krumbz. Nerd out with us…

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Feb. 11, 2021

The Last Dragon with Nimbusyosh

Indulge your 80's nostalgia with an actual 80's movie. Nimbuyosh from The Percy Podcast stops by to discuss the Black Kung-Fu cla…

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Feb. 9, 2021

One Night in Miami with Savion

Savion stops by during Black History Month to discuss the semi-historical film about Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam …

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Feb. 6, 2021

Black Panther with Nick

Nick from Socialist MMA and Jackie talk Black Panther for Black History Month

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Feb. 4, 2021

Ray with SJW 9000

SJW 9000 stops by to discuss Ray for Black History Month

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Feb. 2, 2021

Stomp the Yard with Kamilah

For Black History month, I talked to Kamilah about Stomp the Yard.

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Oct. 22, 2020

Get Out with Taz

Taz the Ceo of Curls joins Jackie to discuss Get Out from the black perspective. Spoilers for Get Out and US.

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